sod turning 2009

lunch at sod turning 2009 Bar B Queing at the 2009 sod truning

How To Help

Today, in all communities, you can get involved along a broad spectrum of engagement. There are more ways than ever to have an impact. You can plant trees, coach in a youth league, read to children, feed the hungry, care for the elderly, run errands and do deliveries, provide counseling and support, lead cleanups and repairs in your community, raise awareness about important issues, protect the environment, offer legal or financial advice, build or rehabilitate houses and playground equipment, stage concerts and other cultural events, extend medical and veterinary care—whatever you can imagine.

Our community, like all communities across Canada, relies on individuals getting involved along a broad spectrum of engagement.

Here are three opportunities for involvement in East Beaches Living360 initiative:

Become a member
Organizations in every corner of the country, including here in the East Beaches, are looking for someone like you. They include shelters, hospitals, charities, service clubs, music and arts festivals, sporting leagues and events, youth camps, environmental organizations, crisis lines and peer counseling groups, human rights and disaster relief organizations—in fact, the list is almost endless. We need you to join us in making our community a better place by developing and guiding our Living360 initiatives, by clicking on the Become a Member tab and joining us.

The East Beaches Community needs your help. Charitable giving is an important Canadian value and tradition. Every year, Canadians from coast to coast to coast come together to support the causes that matter to them, like Living360. We are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to work at ensuring the successful development and construction of a multi-use complex, which will serve the East Beaches Region in its aspirations for improved and enhanced social and economic conditions and overall quality of life. You want to know that you’re investing in an organization that does meaningful work for you. Please click on the How To Donate tab to contribute to our community.

The top three reasons Canadians volunteer are to make a contribution to their community, to make use of personal skills and experiences and to support a cause they have been personally affected by. Each amounts to satisfaction in knowing that the lives of others have been improved through one’s time and effort. Click on the How To Volunteer tab to find out how to help our community.