East Beaches Regional Complex Inc. was formed in 2009. Its goal is to successfully develop and construct a multi-use complex and to serve the East Beaches Region by improving and enhancing social and economic conditions and overall quality of life.

In 2012 EBRC was recognized as a Canadian Registered Charity by the Canadian Revenue Agency. It is currently working toward opening a medical clinic to serve the area.

This clinic and all subsequent facilities and programs will fall under the Living 360 banner. This brand name has been developed to capture the vision for the project – Wellness, Recreation and Lifestyle.


About Our Logo

Living360 pinwheel imageThe Directors of the East Beaches Regional Complex felt the need to develop a name that would describe the future activities, programs and facilities of the organization. With the help of consultation, the brand name, "Living 360 - Wellness - Lifestyle - Recreation" was born.

Living 360 communicates the four seasons that are so much a part of why the community loves the East Beaches region. It also represents three hundred and sixty degrees of a full, well-rounded, happy and healthy life. Wellness, lifestyle and Recreation are the cornerstones of achieving that full life. It is the Organization's desire that we can all be Living 360.

The colors chosen for the logo are representative of the water, sky and boreal forest that surrounds the area.

The graphic element of the logo, or as it is affectionately called, the pinwheel, is reflective of this well-rounded lifestyle. It also implies movement and action. This is the action and energy each of us exerts to enjoy a happy healthy life. It has also come to represent the call to action to individuals and the community as a whole that will make the much needed facilities and services a reality.